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Welcome to
Dreamz Sleep Shop


Welcome To Dreamz Sleep Shop

A bit about Dreamz...

Dreamz Sleep Shop offers a very unique and innovative shopping experience to help you get the proper mattress, the first time, for much less money than you think you may have to spend.

We decided to open our first Sleep Shop as we feel there is gap in the understanding on how important it is to have an amazing bed to sleep on, and a disconnect in the process on how to select a proper mattress. Dreamz Sleep Shop is designed and laid out specifically to help you choose the proper mattress while using a "no pressure" showroom setup to allow you to try all styles of mattresses available today.

You'll find our showroom to have a fun, upbeat and relaxed environment. There will be no salesperson trying to sell you the "deal of the day", as when we have sales "all" mattress of on sale at the same time, thus not making you choose between "saving money" and purchasing the correct mattress for you.

In some cases, a new mattress is not what you may need to have an amazing nights sleep. We provide a full line of Sleep Enhancement Accessories as using the correct pillow, or a weighted blanket, etc, might be exactly what you need to be falling asleep faster, resting more fully, and waking up much more rejuvenated in the morning.

It may be a guest bed, a children's mattress, trailer mattress or master bedroom mattress that you are looking for, but regardless of what your needs are, we are 100% confident that not only will you have more than enough options from our family owned Sleep Shop to choose from, but you will also be very pleased with the money you'll save. 

Want More Info?

This section is still under construction, but will soon link you to more information about Dreamz, and how we're different than the other sleep companies out there.

Check back soon to see what else we have in store or you!


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